Dr PP Job Called Home

Monday, 20 August 2012

Internationally Known Evangelist Dr. PP Job, Passes Away in Hungary
Bangalore: August 20, 2012 - It is with deep regret that we announce that Dr. P.P. Job has left this world to meet his Maker on 19th August 2012, at 6.25 pm, Indian Standard Time. Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) expresses its deep condolences and joins the members of his family in their bereavement. Dr. P. P. Job was one of the pioneers who consistently conscientized the people in India and the rest of the world about persecution of Christians in India.

He was an internationally known Evangelist, Preacher and Missionary to the persecuted church. He was also often referred to as Billy Graham of India. He died of a massive heart attack in Hungary on Sunday afternoon, 19-08-12, where he had gone on a preaching mission.
After the church service and his message to the congregation he had returned home to the residence of his friend, Pastor Joseph and his wife Margit, at Tiszanagyfalu in Hungary, with whom he was staying. He was taking rest after lunch when he suddenly developed a bout of severe uncontrollable cough, and it is learnt that in spite of all the timely medical care provided within minutes by his host, he could not be saved. He died local time at 2.55 pm. The Christian community in India and the world at large would certainly miss his committed and fearless service to the church as a whole. The national president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), Dr. Sajan K. George, has been one of his great admirers who used to be constantly in touch with him sharing views on various issues, more specially the ones pertaining to the systematically organized persecution of Christians in India. Right now the mortal remains of Dr. Job are in Kemecse, and his body is kept cool as long as needed. There will be a pathological examination, probably on Tuesday (because August 20th is a national holiday in Hungary). The mortician will then prepare Dr Job's body for shipping back to India. .
Perhaps it may be worth mentioning here the last words which Dr. Job preached in the church in Hungary. He spoke about how we are not to be mere preachers of the Gospel, but demonstrators of it. He said that we are to be the fifth Gospel, the written epistles of God as it is sealed within us by the Holy Spirit. He also used verses from Philippians, explaining how everything, including trials and sufferings in our life, are for the furthering of the Gospel. When Pastor Joseph asked Dr. Job where he sees revivals in the world. Dr. Job said that he sees revivals in places where there are prayer groups. He said he knows of prayer groups who come together and pray three times a week and that if there are prayer warriors at a certain location then the revival will come. This was his last teaching to us: if you want revival, then start praying…
Dr. P.P. Job, Peramangalam Porinju Job, 76, began working as an evangelist in1963, especially among the persecuted Christians in communist and Muslim countries. Dr. Job was the president of International Christian Association founded by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian evangelist who opposed communism. He joined the organization that works for persecuted Christians the world over 33 years ago.
His preaching mission had taken him to 129 countries. Millions have read his books “With a dynamic Man of God,” “Fifth Gospel” and “Why God Why.” He also set up a printing press that publishes 3 million pieces of Christian literature annually in 37 languages. Third of a veterinary doctor’s four sons, Job left his native Kerala state after matriculation to join the Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, Maharashtra and began his preaching mission after securing doctorate degrees in philosophy and theology. The UK-based International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, nominated Job as “International Man of the Year” for 2000 – 2001.

The Michael Job Centre was very dear to his heart as it housed a large number of orphan girls, mostly from Christian homes that suffered persecution. He had set up several institutions, including the Michael Job Centre, an orphanage, named after his son, Michael, who lost his life in an attack on him by the anti-Christian forces while he was studying medicine in Nepal. Michael Job Centre was started in 2001 by Dr. PP Job. The home was built in memory of his martyred son, Michael. In 1999 an attempt was made on Dr. Job’s life by radical Hindus in India, who did not like his Christian work and influence. In June of 1999, following the failed attempt on Job’s life, radical Hindus killed his 21 year old son, Michael by running him down with a car where he studied at a medical college.
The following year, a plot of land was donated in Coimbatore for a possible future orphanage. With no idea of God’s planning, Dr. Job proceeded to accept the small, seemingly worthless plot which didn’t even have fresh water (salt water only), and no access to electricity. A small home was erected and 30 children of persecuted and martyred Christians were taken in. Shortly after, God miraculously provided fresh water, full electricity and enough concrete to build a large chapel, and a school building! Adjoining plots of land were secured, and a 5 acre soccer stadium was added. Now, after only 9 years, the Center stands as a testimony of God’s incredible love and provision with over 60 acres of land, the original home, a new home, the chapel, stadium, school, and 2 new college buildings, one university building, and a large soccer/cricket field with a running track! Currently daughters of persecuted, destitute or martyred Christians make up the Michael Job family, and many more are on waiting lists throughout the Indian subcontinent.
As we know, in India, girls are not as desirable as boys because of the dowry system. Parents of girls are expected to pay a sizable amount of money [dowry] to the family of the man she marries, and that causes a lot of girls to be aborted, or abandoned early in life. Girls who are orphaned have no options, and Christian girls especially have limited hope for a successful life. At the Michael Job Center the girls are primarily taught that they have value in the eyes of God, and that God loves them. The Michael Job Centre is in the southern part of India, in Tamil Nadu, near the city of Coimbatore. The girls now have the ability to obtain an education from pre-K all the way up to the doctorate level.