INDIA Uttar Pradesh: Hindu radicals "reconvert" Christians, the church becomes a temple of Shiva

NDIA Uttar Pradesh: Hindu radicals "reconvert" Christians, the church becomes a temple of Shiva
by Nirmala Carvalho
The fundamentalists demolished the cross from the place of worship, celebrated a "sacrifice of purification" within and exhibited a large portrait of Shiva. The tribals were converted to Christianity in 1995 according to, the local Hindu leader: "It is not about conversion. They realized their mistake, they came back and we gave them welcome
." The pain of the card. Gracias, reminiscent of the Christian mission in favor of the marginalized, and the fears of Sajan George: "In the State growing unpunished violence against minorities."  read more »

Iraqi civilians suffering ‘horrific’ persecution, ethnic cleansing – UN rights chief

United Nations News Centre
with breaking news from the UN News Service

[Workers unload trucks laden with hundreds of tents for families displaced by recent fighting in Iraq. Photo: UNHCR/E. Colt]
25 August 2014 – The United Nations human rights chief today condemned the appalling and horrific crimes against humanity being committed daily in Iraq by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and associated armed groups.  read more »

Muslim Children Parade The Heads Of Their Victims, While A Crowd Of Muslim Adults Praise Them

By Ted on August 26, 2014 in Featured, General

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

The Islamic State social networking site has a photo showing a child holding a severed head amid a gathering of other children, which was tweeted and went viral with an attached phrase that said “This is how the cubs of the Caliphate are raised up”, boasting of this heinous act.  read more »

Church turned into 'temple' after 72 Valmikis "convert "to Hinduism

ALIGARH: A church with a cross in it that belonged to the 7th Day Adventists overnight turned into a temple adorned with a portrait of Shiva after what some Hindu groups in Aligarh termed the "successful ghar wapasi" (reconversion) of 72 Valmikis who had become Christians in 1995.  read more »

Jewish leader blasts indifference to persecuted Christians

Iraqi refugees in desperate need of aid, relief worker says »

August 26, 2014 by CNA Daily News

New York City, N.Y., Aug 26, 2014 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The leader of the World Jewish Congress slammed global apathy to persecution of Christians in the Middle East and other parts of the world, saying more countries should be moved to action.

“The general indifference to ISIS, with its mass executions of Christians and its deadly preoccupation with Israel, isn't just wrong; it's obscene,” wrote Ronald S. Lauder in an Aug. 19 New York Times editorial.  read more »

New Study Examines Persecution Of Christians, Reveals Shocking Data

By Leah Marieann Klett ([email protected]) Aug 25, 2014 07:46 PM EDT
As the oppression of Christians rages rampant around the world, Christian History magazine examines the persecution of Christians over the past 300 years, revealing that the current, horrific crimes committed against a staggering number of believers are anything but unprecedented in the known world.  read more »

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