Hindu group reconverts 10 people, says won't stop untill Christians and Muslims stop conversion

Anna Isaac, CNN-IBN
Chennai: A fringe Hindu outfit in Chennai claims to have reconverted ten people from Christianity and Islam to Hinduism.

The Bharat Hindu Munnani claims they have reconverted at least 50 people in the recent past back to their religion. They say they were brainwashed and converted to other religions. The outfit claims they will continue such activities until the anti conversion law is promulgated.
The Chennai police had detained members of the outfit and had tried to prevent the conversions. Dilli Babu, Secretary of Barath Hindu Munnani Party said "the police are not condemning the act if religious conversion is carried out by Muslims or Christians. So we will continue to do so Hindu religious propaganda until the other religious outfits stop doing it".


No entry for Togadia in Kandhamal

: The Kandhamal administration imposed restrictions on the entry of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Pravin Togadia into Kandhamal district of Odisha for seven days from Thursday.
Kandhamal Superintendent of Police (SP) Kanwar Vishal Singh said Mr Togadia has been prohibited under Section 144 of the CrPC to enter the communally volatile Kandhamal district. This restriction on Mr Togadia would continue till March 4. Mr Togadia was scheduled to attend a public meeting of the VHP in district headquarter town Phulbani on February 28.


UN urged to investigate ISIS's bloody trade in human organs after Iraqi ambassador reveals doctors are being executed for not harvesting body parts

Iraqi ambassador says corpses are being found with missing body parts
Victims have been found in mass graves close to ISIS stronghold Mosul
Mohamed Alhakim says doctors are killed if they refuse to harvest organs
Horrifying trade in human organs is boosting ISIS' $2 million-a-day income
Iraq has urged the United Nations to investigate Islamic State terrorists' bloody trade in human organs after the Iraqi ambassador said doctors are being executed for not harvesting body parts.

Mohamed Alhakim claimed that dozens of bodies with surgical incisions and missing body parts have been found in shallow mass graves near ISIS stronghold Mosul over the past few weeks.

ISIS' horrifying trade in human organs, which was revealed by MailOnline last December, is just the latest way for the terrorist organisation to finance its activities, with other major sources of the group's $2 million-a-day income being the sale of oil, ransom payments, and smuggled antiques.