IGNOU Decision To Close Mother Teresa Chair On Health, Education & Social Work Condemned

New Delhi, 30th September, 2014

The reprehensible and in-comprehensive decision of the New Delhi based and Indian Government sponsored Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi to discontinue the Mother Teresa Chair in Health, Eduction and Social Work which was started with much fanfare in the Christ Jubilee Year 2000
The Mother Teresa church, a prestigious institution, is ostensibly being closed down for want of funds, together with a Chair sponsored by the Indian Space organisation and some others.  read more »

FIACONA, welcomes the Prime Minister of India to Washington.

Washington DC, September 28. Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America (FIACONA) welcomes the Prime Minister of India to Washington.

Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi has primarily come to attend the UN general Assembly in New York, he is expected to visit Washington DC tomorrow, September 29, at the invitation of President Obama.

Mr. Modi, who was denied a visa to visit the United States in 2005 because of his obvious culpability in the political massacre of religious minorities in the state of Gujarat, India, while he was the state's chief elected official, was granted a US visa to attend the UN General Assembly as India's elected Prime Minister.  read more »

Church set ablaze in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: Some unidentified people set ablaze a church in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh on Friday night after they broke open its gates.

Incident took place at Pakritola Ghutas village and heavy police force has been deployed in the village after the case was reported on Saturday morning.  read more »

To earn superpower status, "India needs to protect its minorities"

by Nirmala Carvalho
For the president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), this is what Modi must do. As he travels to the United States, India's nationalist prime minister must protect the weaker members of society from Hindu radicals. Some members of the Christian Federation of Indian-Americans (FIACONA) have had their visa applications turned down because they want justice for the victims of the Kandhamal pogroms.  read more »

Letter from a Persecuted Pastor in Karnataka

In respect of the above subject, we wish to state that we belong to the Gowda Community and are born and brought up in this village and have been living with our two daughters.
We, as a family, have been living peacefully with our relatives and the community. But of late we have been subjected to untold misery and suffering because of continuous ill-treatment and threats to our lives on account of change of our religion. We have accepted the Christian way of life guided by our own will and conscience, and have been living peacefully in our village. We have been living in good relationship with our neighbours and the society as a whole. Also, we have been respecting and supporting them as much as we could, whenever the need arose.  read more »

Pakistan policeman kills Christian Pastor accused of blasphemy

A Pakistani policeman shot two men in jail on Thursday, killing one accused of blasphemy and wounding another condemned to death on the same charge, lawyers and an activist said.

Christian pastor Zafar Bhatti was killed and 70-year-old Briton Muhammad Asghar, who has a history of mental illness, was wounded in the attack in Rawalpindi, next to the capital, Islamabad.

Bhatti, who worked to protect the human rights of the country's beleaguered Christian minority, was on trial after an Islamic leader accused him in 2012 of sending text messages derogatory to the Prophet Mohammed's mother.

His family say police investigations show the phone was registered to someone else.  read more »

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