By John L. Allen Jr.
Image, $25, 299 pages
“This book is devoted to documenting the vast scale of anti-Christian violence and persecution around the world, and to debunking the chronic mythology that too often impedes a clear understanding of this global war on Christians.”
The above quote summarizes the purpose, evidence and analysis of John A. Allen Jr., the senior correspondent for the National Catholic Register, regarding the worldwide phenomenon of anti-Christian persecution.
Demographers of religion have given clear evidence that being a Christian has always been dangerous. It has been determined that since the beginning of the church, 70 million have been martyred for their faith, either for doctrinal reasons or because of the moral stance the Gospel demands.  read more »

Haeaven is for real

Movie Review

I believe heaven is for real. Allow me to get that out of the way up front. About the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting, I am as confident as I can be regarding any doctrine that is ultimately an article of faith.  read more »

Modi a threat to democracy, say Indian-origin academics

London, April 23, 2014 (IANS)
A group of Indian-origin academics in Britain has slammed the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for his authoritarian nature which they said can only weaken India's democracy.  read more »

Tribals Torn apart by Religion:( INSTIGATED BY VESTED INTERESTS)

Two months before polling began in Jharkhand, Ajay Tirkey began dividing his day between campaigning for the Bharatiya Janata Party in Ranchi and attending to his real estate business. Mr. Tirkey, who heads the Central Sarna Committee(CSC), with lakhs of animistic Sarna tribals as members in urban parts of Ranchi, Gumla and Hazaribagh, believes that the BJP’s Narendra Modi will get the community what it has been demanding for decades: the distinction of being a minority religion with all attendant benefits. “We submitted a memorandum to Modi in December to introduce a Sarna code in the census, and [the] BJP’s State leaders agreed,” he says.  read more »

Persecuted facing ‘way of the cross’ this Easter

By STAFF REPORTER on Wednesday, 16 April 2014

• Assad shoves Christians into the firing line

A Syrian church left empty after a mortar attack. The faithful face their darkest Easter in many years (AP)
Christians in Syria are facing a seemingly endless Way of the Cross, one of the country’s most senior Church leaders has said.
As the ancient Church in the Middle East faced one of the most challenging Holy Weeks in its history, the Maronite Archbishop Samir Nassar of Damascus lamented the death of the Dutch Jesuit Fr Frans van der Lugt, who was shot dead by an unknown assailant in the besieged rebel enclave in Homs on April 7.
Archbishop Nassar told the faithful in a Palm Sunday letter: “This Holy Week was introduced by the murder of Fr Frans from Homs in the fourth year of war and violence. Shells raining down on our neighbourhoods, schools closed, we cannot give an account of the victims. We are abandoned to Providence.”
He continued: “This small Syrian people, so kind, generous and patient, have become accustomed to suffering and die in silence. It is in this spirit that we live Holy Week and Easter holidays, knowing that the Way of the Cross … has marked our lives for three years, accompanies the fourth year.
“The end of the tunnel is invisible.”  read more »

Police in India rebuke, file case against Christians fleeing Hindu extremist attack in Jharkhand

A police station official in India’s Jharkhand state this month reviled
Christians who sought protection after Hindu extremists beat and threatened
to kill them for refusing to convert to Hinduism, area church leaders said.  read more »

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