Police register sedition case against Kerala Islamic outfit involved in hand chopping

Kochi: The Special Investigation Team today registered a case of sedition against two activists of radical Muslim outfit
PFI, who were allegedly involved in chopping off the hand of a lecturer for preparing a question paper having references to Prophet Mohammed.

Police sources informed that a case under sect 124 (A) of IPC (sedition and igniting communal passion) was registered against Reneef, a dentist, who was arrested on July 13 and Naushad, who is absconding.

Police had conducted a raid at Reneef's house last week and seized a book titled 'Jihad' in Malayalam which gave details on the manner in which 'Jihad' is to be waged against democracy and other communities, the sources said.

A pamphlet on 'Islam and Democracy' written in Malayalam by Sarfaraz Nawaz, an accused in the 2008 Bangalore blast case, was seized from Naushad's house, police said.

The pamphlet had stated that democracy should not be accepted and all Muslims should fight against democratic set up, the sources said.

Prof T J Joseph was attacked on July 4 allegedly by activists of Popular Front of India at Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam district for
preparing a question paper containing references of Muhamed
`Religious courts' comes under scanner
Thiruvananthapuram: The intelligence agencies have information that religious courts `Daral Khada', suspected to have ordered the attack against Newman college lecturer, were convened in the capital. The district-wise activities of these court are under scanner and the court had solved 15 cases on the basis of Shariah rules.

The police earlier had information that the Daral Khada court, which always propagates extremist ideologies, are functioning in various parts of the state. Police infer that the court convened in Muvattupuzha might have ordered the attack against the lecturer.

For the first time the khada had called for a religious meet on August 15, 2009 in the capital. The disputes were redressed by the district head of Khada and in the first sitting as many as 15 cases were solved, majority being divorce cases. With the success of the first sitting, the court had been convened in different parts of the district. Majority of the meets were convened in borders places and in all the meeting, leaflets of Shariah rules were distributed.

Daral Kadha state president Muhammad Isa Moulavi had attended the meet convened in the name of Muslim Janakeeya Sabha last Saturday. Another leader who spoke in favour of Taliban rules. Now he is under the scanner

End of Hindus

I will warn all Indians to wake up. This phenomena is already spreading in Europe, America and the Whites are facing a serious problems with this call for sharia. I do not know how we hindus will be able to stop this because almost the whole media, the politicians and the secular are likely to support this . Things are now becoming slowly clear. This attempt to dilute the Hindus ability to defend themselves has been gradually eroded since 1947. The conspiracy to eliminate the Hindus is much more deep than I realized. They have almost succeeded with the last exodus of 5 lac kashmiris from J&K. Remember these were the original inhabitants of the state. Could this be our fate tommorrow? Wher will we go but into the Indian ocean or become a muslim or fight to death.

Hindu Nationalist +Zionist + Western Christian nexus

Nice try, You see more and more Hindu nationalists joining with Zionists and White Christians in western nations making the Muslim as the evil bogeyman, while Hindus hidden continue to kill Christians in India and persecute Hindus that convert to Christianity and keep this hidden from Westerners.

You also find large numbers of Israeli Zionist Jews joining hands with Hindu nationalism against Muslims.

Reality is, that Hindus have a lot of wrong doings in their society, clean up your own society before blaming Muslims.

I urge Hindu to Christian converts and Indian Christians to spread greater awareness of Hindu persecution of low caste Hindus and Christians to the world aggressively. They are trying to cover this up under guise of "Hey Western Christian, let us unite with Jews and Hindu fundamentalists to confront Muslims, while Hindus continue to kill Christians in India"

Western Christians are being fooled into supporting Indian Hindu fundamentalists. This unholy alliance has to break. Using one devil to fight another devil is not the answer.

Indian Christians also have a duty to side with fellow minorities such as Muslims and Sikhs and Dalits. Indian Muslims are very devoted people to India and they are not evil , most are low caste Hindus who fled Hindu caste system into Islam and Christianity.

India's problem is Hindu nationalism, not Islam. Nice try at diverting the topic and covering up crime.

A true Christian will not fear shariah law, because they live in Christ, and wether persecution or not, Christianity will continue to survive.

A concerned Indian Christian.

Correct! Very correct! After

Correct! Very correct!
After a few years, if they are done with wiping out Muslims, these guys next target will be to wipe out the Jews & the western Christians as well.

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