British Sikh Council awards Wilson Chowdhry a Christian human right campaigner

October 22, 2010. (PCP) British Pakistani Christian Association BPCA, Vice Chairman , Mr. Wilson Chowdhry receives “Human Right Award” from British Sikh Council here in a ceremony.

Mr. Wilson has long stood with other minority groups in campaigning for equality and human rights, both here in the UK and abroad. A particularly close link exists between Pakistani Christians and Pakistani Sikhs, as a consequence of their minority status and frequent persecution and incidents of inequality. During the 1989 and 2004 attack on Nankana sahib Christians stood shoulder to shoulder with their Sikh counterparts in demanding justice and protection from the Pakistan Government. In the same manner the Sikhs have also spoken out and assisted when attacks happen to Christian Communities.

Here in the UK Sikhs and Christians of India and Pakistan can often be seen working together and Sikh speakers are synonymous to any public protest arranged by Pakistani Christians concerning persecution in Pakistan.

Wilson has been working with the Sikh community for over 6 years and joined them in a Candlelight vigil in Ilford Town Centre during 2004. The event featured in a number of media, as it was the first of their global 1984 Masscare Peace Vigils to hold a collaboration with other faiths.

Wilson was also responsible for the alteration of a Passport Office discriminatory practice that involved the refusal of entry to their offices when applying for a 24 hour passport - to Sikhs wearing their Kirpaan (ceremonial knife). Wilson eventually had this practice changed after evidencing that there had been no incident when a Kirpaan had been used inappropriately in the UK. The Passport Office agreed to undertake a new risk assessment and created a scheme whereby Sikhs with a Kirpaan can now apply for and collect a 24 hour passport from the Collections department on request. This practice was adopted in 2006.

Wilson has also spoken at the memorial service of Sukhwinder Singh stabbed to death in Ilford, when protecting a woman from being mugged. He has also worked with them on mutual campaigns for justice and the abrogation of the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan.