B'desh Christian priest attacked in his house by armed Islamic Militants

Dhaka, Oct 6, 2015
The priest said that two weeks ago the men had called him up to listen to his sermons and told him that they wanted to visit him to learn about Christianity. Reuters File Photo for representation.
A pastor in Bangladesh has survived an attempt on his life by three suspected Islamists who attacked him in his house after pretending to want to learn about Christianity, days after two foreigners were killed by armed men in attacks claimed by ISIS terror group.
52-year-old Luke Sarker, the pastor of local Baptist Mission's Faith Bible Church of God, suffered injuries when three men yesterday attacked him with a knife and tried to slit his throat at his home in the northwestern district of Pabna, police said.


Convent attacked, nuns molested in Bangladesh ,12 Muslims arrested

Dhaka: Christians and rights groups in Bangladesh have demanded strict action against those who attacked a convent and tried to rape nuns, the first such incident in the Muslim majority South Asian nation.


Hindus Attacked in Bangladesh By: Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and Zemira Eli Natan Part 1

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
Advocate Rabindra Ghosh shares more news of attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh! These attacks are occurring within a relatively short period of time and are not given proper attention by the police or government! The people are left to rebuild their lives with little to no assistance! We are actively raising our voice against such atrocities! The International community must take notice that such attacks are occurring against all non-Muslims. These people are citizens who live in the same country! They should not be continually harassed for any reason and their Holy Shrines should never be touched! These attacks are numerous violations of the inalienable Human Rights of these people according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN Charter! It cannot be ignored any longer! It can no longer be accepted! IUFE supports Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and Bangladesh Minority Watch in their efforts against these violent acts!


Stop persecution of Minorities in Bangaladesh,burma and Sri Lanka

Stop Persecution of Minorities in Burma, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Fri, 2013-04-05 01:25 —

By M. Burhannuddin Qasmi
Muslim organizations condemned the communal violence against minorities in Burma, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. They decried the targeting of places of worship and articulated their deepest concerns about recent ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Burma where the human rights organisations and the UNO failed to offer even mere console to the victims.