About Us

When our brothers are going through sufferings we are not worthy to take any credits. We are a few passionate ordinary Christians from Bangalore, along with friends allover India and abroad who lend their hands, with news, photos and videos. We’d be delighted to extend this news update to all affected areas and people in need. There is a lot of information here regarding the recent and past Christian persecution that rocked India over and over. Please share this information with everyone you know.

Scientists say that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can create a tornado in Texas a week later. Clearly, in today's deeply connected Christian world, truthful unbiased and unfiltered news about realities of persecution is a basic need to pray for. Our Christian persecution news coverage is reminding the Christians around the world to unite, remain prayerful and patient so that we can ripple Christian love and concern through our own individual lives and the consequent lives we inevitably affect around us.

The only contribution we ask: Keep us, the persecuted and persecutors in your prayer.